What time-zones are classes displayed in?

Currently all classes are displayed in AEST, so that’s Melbourne Australia. If you need help converting the timezone, use this tool.

What currency are prices displayed in?

Currently all prices are displayed in USD. We’re planning to develop this so that it defaults to your local currency. Use this tool if you’d like to convert currencies.

Why can’t I accept international payments?

If you’re based in India, you need to enable international payments from your Stripe account dashboard. Here are step by step instructions.

How do I add a profile picture to my account?

Login and click this link. Scroll down to ‘Profile picture’ and upload your picture. It will now display an avatar on all of your classes.

Stripe has asked for my store URL in order to verify my account, where can I find this?

You can either copy and paste the URL of one of your classes, or if you make a request, we can supply you with your unique store URL.

Can I join your ambassador program?

If you contact us and let us know you’re interested, we’d be happy to discuss a promotional partnership with you. Just drop us an email.

There isn’t a category for the class I’d like to run?

Drop us an email and let us know which category you’d like to add and we’ll get it done for you.