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Calling all fitness, wellness, and feel-good teachers!

Fill Empty Class Spots and Easily Manage Bookings and Payments

It’s Free to Post and Sell Online Classes, Workshops, and Discussion Groups.

Zero commission for the rest of 2021!

If you join before 15th October.

Teach What You Love to a Tribe of Like-Minded Folks

Help people from around the world become their best from the comfort of your home or studio. Set the time, date, and price of your classes, and we’ll help you spread the word!


Supplement Your Income

Grow your income by adding as many classes as you like.


Do It Your Way, on Your Time

You set the rules. Teach at your own time and pace.


Grow Your Own Tribe With Ease

Whether you’re an expert or budding teacher – start today!

“I’m excited to be a part of, and grow with, the tribe - thank you for providing this platform. So many people are struggling and need all the resources they can get. This is an amazing way for the healers to come together and do just that.”
Jean Simmonds
Yoga lover and meditation teacher

Zero commission for the rest of 2021!

If you join before 15th October.

Boost Your Online Reach, One Class at a Time

Whether you’re a work-from-home teacher or you own an established studio — reach a wider audience and grow your brand with Little Tribe.


Quick And Easy Setup

Posting a class online has never been simpler. If you can send an email, you can use Little Tribe.


Land More Clients

Motivate your students with coupons and promotions to grow your client base and your income.


Focus On Teaching

Little Tribe will help you share the buzz so you can focus on what you love — Teaching.

Get the Freedom You Deserve

Teaching remote classes saves you time so you can focus on doing a great job.

Build Awareness and Grow Your Reach

Join a tight-knit community of yogis, healers, and personal trainers who want to make a difference.

Reliable and Consistent

Little Tribe makes it easy for people to discover your classes, with secure bookings and payments, plus booking reminders.

“The freedom that comes with teaching remote classes is so good. I can run things my own way, in my own time and I have more energy for my clients.”
Elliot Haine
Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

Zero commission for the rest of 2021!

If you join before 15th October.

You’re In Control

Here’s how Little Tribe will help you grow your online teaching business.

We Automated the Booking Process

You can fully focus on helping your students rather than managing bookings and payments.

Safe and Secure Payment System

You don’t have to worry about setting it up yourself or getting paid.

List As Many Classes You Want

Fine-tune your offer and see what works best in your niche.

Fill Those Gaps in Your Calendar

Post your  existing classes on Little Tribe and fill those gaps in your calendar.

Use Personalized Coupon Codes

Reward your customers and incentivise new ones to try your class with discount codes.

We Welcome Everyone

If you’re passionate about teaching — you’re going to feel at home.

What Can You Teach Online?

You are only limited by your imagination. We welcome group classes, 1:1 training, consultations, group discussions. Basically anything that’s going to help people improve their lifestyles.

Personal training

HIIT Classes











How Does It Work?

Post Your Class

Set a price, pick a time, add your Zoom details.

Get Discovered

People can find your classes and make bookings.

Take Bookings and Payments

We’ve automated the booking process for you.

We Send Booking Reminders

Everyone will get a reminder before the class.

Withdraw Your Earnings

Clients can search and find your classes and make bookings on Little Tribe.

“The dream is to have the business taken care of so I can focus on what I love... teaching. That’s Nirvana.”
Sally Kellet
Mirosuna Meditation Studio

Zero commission for the rest of 2021!

If you join before 15th October.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listing your classes on Little Tribe is FREE.

Our commission fee is 20% for every booking you receive.

Little Tribe will never ask you to change anything about your brand or your style of teaching.

We will notify you instantly and you can also visit your teacher’s dashboard to view all your bookings.

Withdraw earnings over $50 to your PayPal.

We don’t record them, however you can record your own sessions using Zooms record feature.

Yes, absolutely. We can give you a discount code of any amount of your choosing.

We use Zoom. It’s free and easy to set up. When you create a class you’ll enter your own Zoom information and that’s what we’ll give to customers when they book a class.

You simply cancel the class from within your teacher dashboard.

It’s free to add as many classes as you like.